The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide. It doesn’t have to be centre stage in the story, I have seen some where the placement is so subtle, the writer states where it is.

Once you have written and posted your story, please add the link to the little froggy below so that it is added to the collection and we can all have a read.

The main object is to have fun.

Click on the image see a larger version.

 155 05 May 8th 2015


35 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – May 8th 2016

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  2. It looks like a Door to Nowhere to me. If I were to write 200 words, I don’t know that I could do that picture justice. There is just something that is intriguing about what it might be and why it is out in a field. If it is a message board and not a fish tank–I’m thinking transdimensional communication device that is leftover when a world dies–perhaps our future selves making an attempt to prevent the collapse of our civilization?

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    1. It is actually the same area of a photo as I used for the prompt over 3 years ago, although the place is a lot more overgrown since then. And funny you should say about the collapse of our civilisation as to the story I wrote with it back then. You can see the original post here

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