If you are new to this site, or flash fiction writing, you might be feeling a little lost. I know I did in the beginning. Fortunately, there are some tips that will help you feel part of the community. If you have a tip you wish to share, please leave a comment.

  1. Reciprocate! Unless you have a large and active following, you will want others in the group to read and (hopefully) comment on your story. The best way to drive others back to your blog is to read what they wrote and offer a comment.
  2. SPF is a diverse community, made up of writers from around the world. English is not everyone’s native language. Be mindful of others and treat them with kindness. Especially if you are offering a comment.
  3. If your story is not PG-rated, please let others know.
  4. Make sure you give credit to the photo contributor when posting the photo on your blog.
  5. If you want feedback on your story (more than ‘great job’), just ask.
  6. Keep stories to the 200-word limit. A few words over is OK, but 200 is not a suggestion; it is the rule.
  7. The photo does not have to be interpreted literally. Be creative.
  8. It is OK to add additional information about your story. Just the story itself is limited to 200-words.
  9. Spelling errors and bad grammar distract from the story. Run spell-check and grammar check before posting.
  10. Create an interesting story by using active verbs.
  11. Avoid overuse of pronouns.