Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. The piece doesn’t have to centre around exactly what the photo is, it can be just used as a basis for a story. This week’s photo is from 2014 and is a tree in Autumn (or Fall if you prefer)

If you have the time, please read some of the other stories that have been written via the InLinkz page below. Remember though, the main thing is to have fun, enjoy what you write, and write what you enjoy.

129 11 November 8th 2015


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  1. Hi Al, I’m really sorry, but I got greedy and tried to post two stories for yesterday’s prompt. The second link does’t work, but I can’t seem to remove it. Are you able to fix my mess please? I’ve learned my lesson.

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