Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction! I am excited to start this new adventure as your admin, and I hope you are excited as well. The challenge itself remains the same. Each week I will post a new photograph, taken either by myself or donated by a member of the community. Although I live in the Central time zone of the United States, I will do my best to maintain the same posting schedule. The rules are the same: write a flash fiction story using 200-words or less. Post your story and the photo prompt (giving proper credit to the photographer of course!) on your blog and use the InLinkz froggy icon below to add your story to the SPF collection. While you are there, take time to read and comment on some of the other stories. I know you won’t be disappointed. It’s that simple!

You may have noticed a few changes in the look-and-feel of the site. I have added an ABOUT SPF page with information about the challenge. For those of you who would like to donate a photograph, the PHOTO DONATION page tells you how. I have also added a page called TIPS FOR BEGINNERS for those new to flash fiction and the community. Finally, for the true flash fiction enthusiasts, the FLASH FICTION LINK page lists some of the more popular flash fiction challenges that many of you already participate in.

I hope you like the changes and as always….


The main object is to have fun.



Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

29 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – May 6, 2018

  1. I realize this is early but I have a ‘thing’ tonight so waiting until 10 pm my time isn’t something I wanted to do, especially since I am still having trouble with scheduling. If anyone has posting this week, let me know. I hope everything is set up OK. FYI – the froggy might not work until the right time because it is set up on a schedule too. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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      1. It’ll be easier for you, and it is completely yours now. My name has gone completely from it. You’re the owner rather than administrator


    1. Alistair. I’ve been away, trying to get my “act” together. I’m sorry that you have left sunday photo fiction, although I have no doubt Susan will do a wonderful job, but you will be missed. Please stay in contact. Regards, Sascha.


  2. Great job on your first post, and all the extra stuff too, Susan! A few little hiccups, but that’s to be expected, and now you’re on track, hooray! It’s great to have you at the helm. I will try to post as often as I can, but just so you know, I can usually only manage one or two flash fiction posts a week, and I follow four weekly flash fiction challenges, so… Also, I only post images on my site that are consistent with the world of Eneana, so sometimes I can use the prompt photo, sometimes I’ll find another photo that’s similar enough to the prompt photo, and sometimes I just can’t see any connection at all (like this week).

    Anyway, enough about me. Big warm welcome to our new fearless leader!

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    1. No worries Joy. I know how hard it is to keep up with challenges. I do photography challenges, so its not always possible to do everything every week. I appreciate your kind words and support and look forward to your posts whenever you can.

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  3. I’m having a problem with Mr. Linky… maybe because they changed their policy.
    So until someone can tell me how to fix it… keeps saying my link is wrong, or to accept the policy but there isn’t a button to push that I saw… I’ll post links here and be thankful for pink backs:
    This is a three prompt smash: Unparalleled

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    1. Jules, I am not sure why you are having a problem. I checked the link and it is still working. There is a timer on it, so it will end in 2 days. When you add your link, make sure you are adding the URL of your story. After I post my story on my blog, I copy the URL for that story and paste it in the Link box. I have had problems in the past when I tried to link to something other than the blog post. Your story was an interesting take on the prompt. I look forward to reading more of your work. Good luck with the link!

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      1. I think the issue was more with accepting the new policy for Mr. Linky. I’ve never had a problem before. I’ve always copy and pasted directly from the URL line. Always. Never had an issue. For five years, really. I’m not worried about the link this week. I may try again. But if it happens next week I’ll just post my links in the body and if you want you can enter them in Mr. Linky. I’m just not going to get bent out of shape with the new policy.

        It’s like every time WP tries something new – something else gets messed up or you have to figure out a way around it.

        OK I just tried again and checked off the policy thingy. And did you know the entries are now listed in alphabetical order? So even though mine was the last entered by ‘Jules’ it is listed as the first entry? – that never happened before…

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