Sunday Photo Fiction – January 8th 2017

Sunday Photo Fiction started in March 2013. That’s nearly four years ago, and some of you have been here from the very start, and I appreciate that. Your support has been tremendous, and when I took a break for a little while. Joe Owens stepped forward to take over whilst I was on a sabbatical, which I was and still extremely appreciative of. Without his stepping forward then, the challenge may well have closed down at that point.

Each week, I have used a photo of my own (apart from when Joe took over, and then he used his own photos for that time) and the stories that have come out of them have been fantastic across the board. Stories ranging from love stories, to murders and even some very emotional ones that have left people with tears in their eyes. To see my photos turned into such masterpieces has been a delight.

It is a delight that may have to stop for me though. But not for you. As a lot of you know, I have a disability, and over the last few months it has caused me to be house bound, and virtually unable to lift things including my camera. I mentioned it to a couple of the writers and they have given a suggestion which I am putting to you.

I am willing to open up for donations of photos so that the challenge can carry on going. If you want to donate one or more photos, then I will put my email address at the end of this segment. I will give full acknowledgement to whoever gives the photo with link backs to the page of whoever photo is used. I have some of my own to use to the end of January, beginning of February, so there is plenty of time.

I appreciate this in advance and thank you all for participating over the last four years, and hopefully many more

email address:

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The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide. Please try to keep it as close to the 200 words as possible. It doesnโ€™t have to be centre stage in the story, I have seen some where the placement is so subtle, the writer states where it is.

Careful editing is the key to keeping the story within the constrains of the limit. 200 words may seem like a lot, but it disappears quickly. The challenge makes you look at replacing two words with one, and a little jiggery pokery. A few words over is sometimes necessary when there is no way of shrinking it without losing an integral part of the story. Using a program like Microsoft Word or Open Office have a word counter so you can see how many you have used.

Once you have written and posted your story, please add the link to the inlinkz froggy icon below and add it to the collection so we can all have a read.

Any links that are not related to Sunday Photo Fiction
will be deleted so please donโ€™t add them.

The main object is to have fun.

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61 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – January 8th 2017

  1. Hi Al, in spite of our numerous communications, verbal and written, I had not realised that your disability was quite this severe.
    I knew, of course, that you were housebound, but not that you could barely lift a camera.
    Rather puts my hand problem into perspective, old chum.
    You know that I will supply as many photos as you want or need for as long as you have the desire to run this great challenge.
    Take care of you, as our beautiful mutual friend would say.

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    1. I am hoping to get a wheelchair in the not too distant future. I am having someone from Occupational Therapy come out. Hopefully they will be able to help with me getting a place that isn’t up 3ยฝ flights of stairs as well.

      It’s amazing how much we use our backs. Lifting even the smallest of things uses muscles on the back, as I have found out sometimes when trying to cut food. I tend to eat smaller foods that can just fall apart now. So much easier ๐Ÿ˜€

      Although I think I would much rather have my back problem than an issue where I couldn’t write much. That would be devastating for me.

      Thank you, and I appreciate all you have done for me my friend.

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  2. Hello Al. I had no idea any of this was troubling you but just know I will pray for you to begin healing from this trouble. I appreciate your willingness to share not only your photography talent but your writing prowess with us all this time. Of course we will be happy to assist in any way we can. I wish I was nearer so I could supply some physical help as well, but do not hesitate to ask what you will to support this weekly adventure and it shall be done!

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your difficulties. I really hope you feel better. I have a few photos I would be more than willing to send in to help. Thank you so much for all your hard work running this great challenge.

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  4. I hope that you will find people willing to donate pictures because I love taking part in a challenge. For me, I am also unable to play with the camera so nothing is going to come from my corner of the worldโ€ฆ Well, nothing usable anyway!
    Long live Sunday photo fiction ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Very much so. It’s always great when I see regular images come up in the linkz page. Having regular writers gives new writers something to read and get ideas from. They can read different styles of writing and get ideas from them. Although I CE is one of a kind with his style. And body count lol


    1. Thanks Angie. I have been given a few for now, and that means that Sunday Photo Fiction will carry on. For a while when I could get out at the beginning of 2016, my son was carrying my camera for me, and would stand there for me to lean on him whilst I took them ๐Ÿ™‚ Now though, I have to use the tripod and remote because I can’t hold the camera straight without a major pulling on my back. They took my camera out on to the balcony a couple of days ago and I got a good photo that I can use. One that isn’t birds lol .

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  5. Your fans from Team Netherworld banged the living hell out of the word count. It’s closer to 700 words than 200. Feel free to delete our link if it’s a real problem. Thanks!


  6. I had no idea that you were struggling with a disability all this time, Al, oh no! You were soldiering on so bravely, I never knew. I’m so sorry to hear that it’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to carry small things, that sounds like an awful burden (no pun intended). I hope that you will soon get the resources and accommodations you need to make your daily life easier. Moving to a place without stairs would be a great improvement for you, I’m sure. I know that when I had foot surgery and was on crutches, suddenly living on the third floor (with no elevator) became a *huge* deal. I wish I lived closer so that I could bring you food. (That’s what I do in times of need; I bring a casserole.) It sounds like you’re getting a few donations of photos already. I’m not much of a photographer, but if you run out again, post a request for more and I’ll see if I have any photos from my old travels that I could send. Take care of yourself!

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    1. Thank you Joy, I really appreciate that. I tried not to let it interfere with the running of this. It has already cut down on one element of my other, personal, blog which is the photo side and left me with the storytelling – which again I have been lax at since Christmas – and a couple of other bits. Odd when my main focus (no pun intended) on the other one started off as photography. I’m hoping that when winter decides to go and hide again, I will be in a better position to do things.

      I live in a Grade II listed building which means they are restricted to what they can do to it as it is over 200 years old. A lift would be handy though.

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      1. I have been horribly lax with my writing and blog over the holidays, so I’m not one to pass judgement on anyone else in that department! It will be at least a couple weeks before I’m caught up enough to resume a normal schedule.

        I’m happy for you that you can transition over so nicely from being more focused on the photography to being more focused on writing stories. We all change over time, and our hobbies change with us (I don’t go out dancing at clubs late at night anymore, for instance, or spend all weekend playing D&D 24/7), but usually cutting back on an activity means risking the social ties associated with it. Here at least you still have the social ties from the story blogs, and can keep up with your photography friends on their blogs too. I hope the spring time comes soon in your neck of the woods, and helps make it easier to get out and do things! Good luck working on being as healthy as you can.

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      2. Thanks Joy. I gave up dancing in clubs in 1993 – I started in 1992 haha. My dancing was something akin to “Commander Shepard dancing” – Google it, you’ll see what I mean lol. I gave up D&D in 2008. Sunday August 10th to be precise. Great how the mind picks some dates to zero in on.

        I gave made some excellent friends across the blogging community, and have seen people who write for SPF as my family.


      3. Aw, Shepard isn’t that bad; at least he’s going out there and trying, I can appreciate that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I gave up club dancing (well, for the most part) a long time ago myself. But then I took up salsa dancing. Haven’t been back since my last foot surgery but now I’m thinking I might get back into it.

        I’m impressed that you can remember the exact date — of anything, really. I am absolutely terrible at remembering dates, even of really important things. But there wasn’t one moment when I gave up D&D. We didn’t even know that the last game my group played together would be our last. And who knows, maybe we’ll both do it again someday; life can take funny twists that way!

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      4. The reason I know it is because the following week, my wife at the time left me. That’s what makes it easy to remember. Hard to believe that was 8ยฝ years ago now. We always played with the same group, had done since 1990. Barely missed a Sunday – or Saturday sometimes – in those 18 years. Funny enough, it was how I met my ex-wife. Understandably, people didn’t want to come round and feel the tension in the house following the split of a 13 year marriage. Then we just all drifted apart. It was a shame because I really enjoyed it. There were some very funny times.

        One such time, my daughter’s doll was sitting on the sofa. This doll would giggle, close its eyes, suck it’s thumb when you put it in her mouth, and make sucking sounds. One of the players crawled over and looked at it, saying “my God, it looks like Chucky”. The doll promptly opened its eyes and giggled. I don’t think I will ever see such fear in a grown man again lol


      5. My gaming group was already petering out when I lost my “player 2” (similar story, except we were together 12 years and it was 6 years ago), but that was really the death knell for the group. If I had the time, I could try harder to find new people to play with, but not having the time to GM was one of the big problems in the first place.

        The story with the Chucky-like doll sounds hilarious. Those talking dolls are creepy, no doubt about it!

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      6. I gave all of my D&D books away to a friend who used to play and is a good friend. When other things happened that split my family (we could be a soap on our own) he was the only one who stuck by me. It’s one of those cases where the first person to speak, it’s their truth that is believed even if it comes from the mouth of a compulsive liar.

        He uses them regularly, but I still get my RPG in by playing on the XBOX on games like Neverwinter, Skyrim, Dragon Age and games like that. I will always be a roleplayer up until my mind goes and I get excited when I learn about it all over again lol

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      7. I did the opposite — ended up getting rid of my video games two years ago but I kept my shelf worth of gaming books. I don’t know that I really expect to use them for gaming, but I occasionally use them for ideas for my writing and world building, especially the various monster and magic/spell books.

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      8. I did go through my cupboards the other day looking to see if I had one book left, but I didn’t. It was an older one from AD&D 2nd edition. It had the Gods and Goddesses of all different religions across our world. Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Aztec. That had some great info in.

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  7. Hi, Al, I am Asha. I stumbled on this blog sometime back and love looking out for your pics. Sorry to hear about your difficulty. I just wanted to tell you what about your thought provoking pictures and an inspirational opportunity for newbie writers. I found this pic quite compelling, enough for me to get down to writing! Thanks for the opportunity. Hope you feel better soon.

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    1. Thank you Asha. I’ve actually had your story open on my page, but not been able to read it yet.

      I am glad that I am able to give some inspiration to new writers. I know it was a flash fiction prompt that prompted me to finally to put something down in writing that I have wanted to do for many a year.


  8. Hi Al,

    All this time of participating in your challenge, I was not aware that you were dealing with your own set of difficulties, and a disability to boot. I’m sorry to hear it’s becoming more severe, and I wish for your recovery. I can definitely send a few photos your way.

    Hang in there!

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    1. Thanks Jade. Normally it takes a downward turn before raising back up again, albeit at a slightly lower point that before, but this tine there seems to be no upward turn as of yet. I am hopeful it will though.

      I appreciate any photos you can send my way.

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  9. Look after yourself–that’s the most important thing! And thanks so much for running this blog. You helped me start writing again. I’ll see if I can’t dig up a few photos for the challenge.

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  10. My dearest friend.. I had no idea your disability had gotten so bad. I will put you on my daily prayer list. I do think of you often and I pray you are better soon and you will get the tools you need to get out of the house. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

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    1. Thank you Courtney. I do appreciate that. I have just got off the phone to the Physio department who are putting me on a priority, so hopefully something can be done sooner rather than later.

      Thank you

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