I hope you all had a good Christmas (of you celebrate Christmas, and if not, then whatever holiday you do celebrate, I hope it was good) and hopefully you can all remember your New Year and it will hold good memories and not the “oh dear, what did I do!!” that I remember from my younger days.

I am planning on changing the layout of the page this year (hopefully this month) to fall in line with the new year.

I want to thank all the regulars for participating over the last 12 months and more, and I also want to thank the newcomers. Please make yourselves at home. I know there are a couple of writers who love to go visiting, so don’t worry, you won’t be left in the cold.

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide. It doesn’t have to be centre stage in the story, I have seen some where the placement is so subtle, the writer states where it is.

Once you have written and posted your story, please add the link to the little froggy below so that it is added to the collection and we can all have a read.

The main object is to have fun.

This week’s photo is an object I had for Christmas from my sister. It is a speaker that attaches to the computer, and there is water in the bottom along with lights, and the water bounces in time with the beats in the music. Or notifications. Or startup. Or whatever else sound it decides to pick up. The little things sticking up, are actually the water jumping. I wanted to use a 2016 photo for the first one of the year.

137 01 January 3rd 2016


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  1. Happy New Year, Al! It seems 2016 will start as a year of layout redesign (I did mine yesterday). 🙂
    Thanks for another inspiring photo and apologies for going over the word limit this time.

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