Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. The piece doesn’t have to centre around exactly what the photo is, it can be just used as a basis for a story. This week’s photo is an intricate looking wristwatch, so you can use the image in any way you feel you want to.

If you have the time, please read some of the other stories that have been written via the InLinkz page below. Remember though, the main thing is to have fun, enjoy what you write, and write what you enjoy.

An intricate looking wristwatch
An intricate looking wristwatch

23 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – August 23rd 2015

    1. I look forward to reading it when I get to it 🙂 I have always wanted one of them watches. This one was a cheap imitation of a really expensive watch that I brought from and it ceased working in two weeks. I got the money back for it and they weren’t expecting it back. Shows they just flog them out the door quick.

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      1. In a similar vain of trying to get product out – I remember attempting to cancel a magazine subscription – they sent me two booklets and two more years for free. We are finally to the point where we get less than 5 (mostly hubby) subscriptions and most just go right to recycling – as they are free from organizations.

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      2. We have a magazine over here – Reader’s Digest – and they do the same thing. They start off by putting you in for a draw for £100,000 (about $145,000) and then keep trying to sell you books (for more chances to win) and keep signing you up to different things, each with one more step to enter the competition. I was young when I first got these and believed there really was a prize. I do have some of the books still though as they were quite good.

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      3. Same company different branch here.
        We used to get the magazine many years ago. But their attitude changed, dropped some of our favorite features. So we ended it.

        I think we may still be on their mailing list… on one they have shared with other companies. But I have managed to get rid of most of my Junk Mail with out having to pay any companies to do so.


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