June is here, and in the Northern Hemisphere it is supposed to be Summer. As I am writing this a month ago, I don’t know what the weather is actually today. That is the today you are reading this, not the today I am writing it. The today I am writing it is overcast and a little chilly. Confused? You will be.

Seriously though, the idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to write a piece whether it is a story or poetry using the image as inspiration. You don’t have to use the house with a rainbow over it. Maybe you see the photo and an idea to do with a leprechaun comes to mind. Any way the inspiration takes you, use that. Try to keep it around the 200 word mark although you won’t be banned or kicked off if you go over, it’s just to give it an easier read. Once you have written it and posted your piece, please add it to the LinkUp so others can enjoy what you have written.


Wooden solitaire set.
Wooden solitaire set