There have been 100 Sunday Photo Fictions. Or as it started off – Alastair’s Photo Fiction. 100 photos that have spawned stories of love, life, death, murder, war, aliens, animals, birth, friendships, conspiracies and destruction. I have enjoyed reading them. The time has come for me to step back for a bit though. I am away from WordPress for a while whilst I am working on the books of Raynard the Vampire (Serial fiction using Friday Fictioneers with Jules Paige) and Daniel whom some of you have read about. The alien whose planet has been invaded by people from Earth.

I am not sure when I will back to blogging, but Joe Owens from Fiction Playground will be taking over the reigns for a while. In the meantime, here is the 100th photo prompt.


Waves engulfing a lighthouse
Waves engulfing a lighthouse

28 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 100 – February 15th 2015

  1. All the best and good luck! I have contributed with only two stories so far and still feel connected. You have always been patient in reading all stories and dropping a comment. Really appreciable as its 100th today! Thank you for everything.. 🙂
    I will sure writ this one.


  2. AnElephantCant stay away too long
    Although sometimes he wanders as you may have wondered
    But now he is here y’know
    Just to say cheerio
    To his friend Al who does not look 100

    Congratulations, mon ami, you have done an incredible job here.
    It is a great challenge which AnElephant has enjoyed from that first day, April 8, 2013.
    He reckons he has posted 90 stories in that time.
    He thanks you, very sincerely, for the inspiration.

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  3. I was wondering what took your time these days.
    Best to you my friend. Looking forward to what you do with our friends that we started with so long ago running up a spiral stairway…(The Vampire Raynard – Al and his prey Saskia – Jules).

    Good luck with the Daniel story too! Stop by and visit sometime 😉 Hugs, Jules


  4. I love these challenges Al, the reading and to participate when life unclasps the ankle shackle. Congratulations and thank you 🙂


  5. My dear friend – I wish you the best of luck with your two books! May success in this endeavor come knocking at your door! Congratulations too for making it to 100 posts! I have written 65 bits of flash and I look forward to writing more! Huge hugs to you Al!

    Welcome to SPF Joe! 🙂

    Barb ^..^


  6. Dearest Al
    You have always been so generous with your time. I will dearly miss you but at the same time it lifts my spirit to see you finally following your dream. Please let me know how things are going as I fully intend on adding your books to my personal library. Let this not be a goodbye but an “until we meet again”
    ❤ Pat

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  7. Alastair, you have given so much of your time and talent to assist us in improving our writing by giving us all these photo prompts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Don’t let anything get in your way of finishing those novels, my friend. You will be sorely missed xx


  8. Hugs and all the best to you Al – as you take your much deserved break – thank you so much for such generosity – of time, comments, laughter, images, inspirations – and well – you being the wonderful person you are. 😀

    And a hearty welcome and thank you to Joe – who steps in and continues this, in what I’m sure will be a new fine tradition in the making …. continuation…. 😀


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