Sunday Photo Fiction: December 1st 2013

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fiction prompt based on the photo supplied below. If you wish to take part, the idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 100-200 words (usually called flash fiction)

Once you have written your story, please click on the blue creature below to add your story to the list. If you see other people’s faces there, then take a peek at their story and pop them a like a bit of feedback. It’s always nice to hear what other people think of your stories.

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36 12 December 1st 2013


30 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: December 1st 2013

    1. Yay .. good going. I probably scared people off with the pigeons. They probably won’t be back thinking there will be more


    1. It’s cool isn’t it? It started just after midnight. You’ll see it on your blog too. It can be switched off though if you don’t want it.


  1. Loving the snow! I have yet to open the first door of my advent calender, but am feeling really Christmassy already. Definitely didn’t go down the route I thought I would with the picture.


    1. I loved that story. A completely different take on the image. The snow is cool. I know some people don’t like it, so I posted an article on how to get rid of it.

      It makes you realise that Christmas is upon us. I’ve opened my advent calendar – my first in about 20 years. I have opened the cats ones as well 🙂


    1. No, we don’t have snow yet. Only on the browsers at the moment 🙂

      Loved the story, and thank you for taking part, Babs.


    1. Thank you 🙂 I wanted to remove the surroundings so as the only thing was the lion that held the view and not the doors or people 🙂


    1. I did crack up at that one. I hadn’t actually noticed the other bit. The image is a lot bigger than this and five times as wide, so the lion is rather small. Poor little winkie. hehe


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