Photo Fiction: September 15th 2013

Welcome to the 25th Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

The idea of Photo Fiction is write a story of around 100-200 words (which is also called Flash Fiction) based on a photo as a prompt. In my particular photo fiction, it is a photo that I have taken myself.

If you decide you want to have a go at photo fiction, please link back to this post and enter your post into the inLinkz page that is just above the photo. The easiest way to link to this page may be to copy and paste this:

If your story contains sex, violence or expletives, please state that as some people may find this offensive and want to avoid such posts.

I look forward to reading your stories.

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25 09 September 15th 2013


29 thoughts on “Photo Fiction: September 15th 2013

    1. Thanks Maryann. I raised it 200 because I felt 150 was too constricting. It’s amazing how the words are filled so quickly.

      I like what you did with it, a great story. Thanks


    1. I wasn’t sure whether to use this or a different one. I thought I would go for something very very recent (took it yesterday)


  1. I think you know more than your telling with this historical plaque!!!
    I had fun trying to find out what it was. I’m still not sure what it is, but I like it anyway.
    Some of our historic buildings have a plaque of a rose on them with a number to signify that they are registered. Like our Fulton Theater down town:

    Cheers and thanks for another great photo, Jules


    1. I only saw these a couple of days ago when my sister pointed them out to me, and my immediate thought when I saw this one was for the Photo Fiction. I managed to get a clearer shot of it today, but it was with a smaller lens. The 55-200 has vibration reduction meaning it is a clearer shot, but the 70-300 gets in further and has macro.

      I will try to find out more about this though


      1. Cool beans. Do let us know…we all are a curious bunch. I actually look to see how far Cornwall was from Dover, and well it isn’t around the block. So I will be interesting to see what you find out. Thank your sister for all of us 🙂


      2. I will 🙂 Yeah Cornwall is a couple of millimetres down the road 🙂

        I’ll get a book on Dover in the next couple of days and take a look


      3. When I looked on the map it looked like Cornwall was well farther than a couple of blocks away. But maybe you are close enough that you can actually visit ‘Camelot Castle’. It really is spooky though how much that castle looks like the one on your brass plaque. If you look at where the squire is standing it almost looks like it could be the planks of a draw bridge. And that the Knight who has a mustache and beard remind me of Don Quixote – at least his helmet does. The knight is practically turned backwards with his sword…you can see the cape of the knight too. The road under the horses hoofs looks like it is decorated with three flur-de-lies. I notice details…Each set of lions is facing each other. Also from the horses flat front hoof to about 12 o’clock on the left side is a decoration with ten points, diamond? Maybe representing the Ten Commandments?


      4. WOW! You saw a lot there. I didn’t see that much. Cornwall is close enough to get there in a day, but not to get back again. I think my sister has been there though, 19 years ago. She brought a bastard sword while she was there – a hand and a half sword. My closest castle is Dover Castle, which is about 100 meters away, but at the top of the cliffs,


  2. Oh my ! I moved your plaque “across the pond” lol I hope someday to make it back to the U.K. My Mom was born and raised ( and buried ) in Stamford and I sill have a huge chunk of family there. All of your photos are great !


    1. That’s alright, I plan to move it to a different planet 😆

      One of the problems with emigrating is leaving behind buried and not so buried loved ones. I hope you do manage to make it back


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