Photo Fiction: August 25th 2013

I would like to apologise for the delay in posting this. I thought I had already scheduled it to post, but I was wrong. I am sorry. Better late than never though.

If you are new to photo fiction, then the idea is write a story of around 100-200 words based on a photo as a prompt. In my particular photo fiction, it is a photo that I have taken myself, and this weeks photo, I was given permission to take this photo and use it by the friends I was staying with for a few days. These are three very small replica Samurai Swords.

If you decide you want to have a go at photo fiction, please link back to this post and enter your post into the inLinkz page that is just above the photo. The easiest way to link to this page may be to copy and paste this:

If your story contains sex, violence or expletives, please state that as some people may find this offensive and want to avoid such posts.

I look forward to reading your stories.

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22 08 August 25th 2013



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  1. Oops, sorry, forgot to add link again!
    Struggling with broadband here just now, writing this in Office de Tourisme overlooking the marina and beach.
    Ah, c’est dur, la vie!


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