Photo Fiction: Sunday 19th May 2013

The idea of Alastair’s Photo Fiction is that a photo that I have taken is used as a prompt for flash fiction – a short story – or poem of around 150 words. If you decide that want to create a story,copy and paste this as a link on your post so that it links back here.

Word count is 150 words. Well, around 150 words. You don’t have to score 150 spot on, somewhere around that ballpark.

The photo that is used is one that I have taken myself. Please link to my other blog with a copyright message. My other blog can be found here. Please include the photo in each story.

Please state at the beginning of your post if your post contains sex or violence so that readers who are against those genres can know to avoid them.

When commenting on another person’s story, please be nice. Remember, we all like advice, but harsh criticism may offend some people.

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My story is after the photo.

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08 05 May 19th 2013THE BOX

Daniel convinced his sister to stay put, he would return soon. His top arms pulled a blanket around her, whilst his bottom pair held her face as he told her she would be safe here as long as she was quiet. He kissed her head and left.

Creeping outside, he looked around and then ran as fast as any tripedal being could. He stopped outside a door and looked around. Seeing no Earthers, he banged on the door and whispered, “It’s Daniel”. The door opened and he entered, nodding to the doorman.

Daniel made his way through the tunnels until he found the war-room. The wooden box was there. He looked at the shape of the sigil and carefully opened the top. It was an Earther container, and it showed how to make something called a “gun” using metal and a crystal to create a lethal beam of light.



41 thoughts on “Photo Fiction: Sunday 19th May 2013

    1. There is never many anyway. Was hoping that it would be better than it is by now. Although I am exceedingly grateful for everyone that posts a story


  1. Ooh, a tale of rebellion or perhaps resistance. It’s interesting to look at the other side of the story occasionally. I like your descriptions of the alien. It gave me a good picture in my mind. You generated sympathy with the beginning, tender scene. Nicely written.


  2. Top arms…bottom pair. Hah. Sounds like a slippery customer!

    Thanks for the photo prompt. Another chance to crack out a quick story. Cheers!


    1. Only four arms. From the last couple of stories, the race has four arms, three legs and three eyes. Yep, it’s a very backward planet.


      1. Let’s hope so. Unfortunately, I ran out of words. I wanted to state that the box came from humans that didn’t want to be there


  3. Hi Alastair,
    I’ve seen you on Penny’s blog and thought I would visit! I really enjoy your writing and love the idea of using photo prompts, too! I love photography, viewing it and I don’t write fiction, just poetry, so I enjoy reading others work. I look forward to reading more of yours. Have a wonderful Sunday, Lauren


    1. Thanks Lauren, you may like my main blog then. I have more photos on there, as well as loads of other things including poetry 🙂 I’ll go look at your blog too 🙂


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