Photo Fiction: Sunday 12th May 2013

The idea of Alastair’s Photo Fiction is that a photo that I have taken is used as a prompt for flash fiction – a short story – or poem of around 150 words. If you decide that want to create a story,copy and paste this as a link on your post so that it links back here.

Word count is 150 words. Well, around 150 words. You don’t have to score 150 spot on, somewhere around that ballpark.

The photo that is used is one that I have taken myself. Please link to my other blog with a copyright message. My other blog can be found here. Please include the photo in each story.

Please state at the beginning of your post if your post contains sex or violence so that readers who are against those genres can know to avoid them.

When commenting on another person’s story, please be nice. Remember, we all like advice, but harsh criticism may offend some people.

Please link back to here with your post so that other readers can know where your stories are. All stories with have a link below the photo so that others can read them as well.

My story is after the photo, as are other people’s stories.

Have fun

07 05 May 12th 2013


He sat on the sea wall watching the waves. He had tears in his eyes as he was thinking about her. Every year on this day, he sat there, watching the waves crashing against each other, against the walls. He thought about her and the way she died.

They had jumped out of the car and ran down to the waves, diving in and then running back out, totally soaked. A wave had caught her suddenly and she spun over, breaking her neck, dying instantly.

He stood up and threw his keys into the car with the note. He started towards the water, he was going to walk and walk until he was under water and then walk some more until the sea took him.

As he neared the edge, the skies darkened. Looking up, he saw an angel. A sense of love overwhelmed him. His life could begin again.

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