Photo Fiction: Sunday 05th May 2013

The idea of Alastair’s Photo Fiction is that a photo that I have taken is used as a prompt for flash fiction – a short story – of around 150 words. If you decide that want to create a story, copy and paste this as a link on your post so that it links back here.

Word count is 150 words. Well, around 150 words. You don’t have to score 150 spot on.

The photo that is used is one that I have taken myself. Please link to my other blog with a copyright message. My other blog can be found here. Please include the photo in each story.

Please state at the beginning of your post if your post contains sex or violence so that readers who are against those genres can know to avoid them.

When commenting on another person’s story, please be nice. Remember, we all like advice, but harsh criticism may offend some people.

Please link back to here with your post so that other readers can know where your stories are. All stories with have a link below the photo so that others can read them as well.

My story is after the photo as well as on my main blog.

Have fun

06 05 May 5th 2013

You can find the first two parts of this story here and here.

The Lighthouse

As the ship came in, the pilot saw the lights. Knowing the lighthouse would allow any pilot a safe route through the dangerous areas. Green lights meant that a pilot could go through, red meant that the lane was busy and to wait.

The pilot looked at the lighthouse and could not make out the new lump sitting atop the building. Pulling levers turning dials, the pilot yelled at the co-pilot to look at the top. The navigator threw a set of trinoculars at the co-pilot. Catching them, the co-pilot focused on the lighthouse. His green skin drained in colour as he recognised the laser. He was about to call out a warning to the pilot when the laser lit up the bridge like both suns were out at the same time.

Daniel watched glumly from the shore as the Earthers took down another of the warships with ease.

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  1. I may have asked this before, but do you have a general time limit for doing this? I usually have the beginning of my week full of other posts, but I may do this one instead of my regular Sunday post sometimes. Great picture, by the way. I have an idea for it already I may post on Thursday.


    1. Thanks David. No time limit 🙂

      After posting this one, I wondered if I had used one that people would find extremely difficult to use.


  2. I have not forgotten you!! I wrote my daily, my Sunday Whirl…which I didn’t write early this weekend, and now I’m going to have some breakfast! And it is already (for me 10am).
    I will be back Lighthouses offer tons of suggestions….
    I shall return!!


  3. Those Earthers are tough! How are they cobbling their weapons together? And why don’t they just give up like all the other colonies?


    1. Thanks Jem. Hoping that at least 15 people will write a story this week. Most I’ve had (excluding myself) is 12 a couple of weeks ago


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