Photo Fiction: Sunday 28th April 2013

Week Five, of Alastair’s Photo Fiction, and I am happy how things are going at the moment. I love the different stories that are turning up. If you decide that want to create a story, copy and paste this as a link on your post so that it links back here.

Word count is 150 words. Well, around 150 words. If you go over 150 words, then 150 words will no longer be your limit.

The photo that is used is one that I have taken myself. Please link to my other blog with a copyright message. My other blog can be found here. Please include the photo in each story.

Please state at the beginning of your post if your post contains sex or violence so that readers who are against those genres can know to avoid them.

When commenting on another person’s story, please be nice. Remember, we all like advice, but harsh criticism may offend some people.

Please link back to here with your post so that other readers can know where your stories are. All stories with have a link below the photo so that others can read them as well.

My story is after the photo and on my other blog.

Have fun

05 04 April 28th 2013

This story started in Invasion


A raven arrived with a pictonote* asking for anyone of fighting age to meet, as the people from Earth had to be thrown off their planet. Now, as Daniel and Alexei were heading into town, they were being careful as the enemy were flying all over looking for targets. They didn’t care who they hit. Daniel wondered why the Earthers didn’t just want to be friends. They could have learnt so much. He was curious as to how they managed though with only two arms.

As they reached the town, Daniel and Alexei dived into a bush as the sounds of flying vehicles closed and went overhead. Three screamed through and fired their destruction sticks. Another building to burst into flames; it was the building they were all supposed to meet in.

Daniel stood up on all three legs. The town was on fire. Now, there didn’t seem any way they could be defeated.

*For the sake of this story, and the planet it is on, a pictonote is like a pictogram but written on paper. Very much like the Egyptian form of writing.

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  1. Ooh, It seems like Earth is a tougher nut to crack than anyone expected. That’s a compelling beginning to something longer. I like it!


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