Photo Fiction: Sunday 21st April 2013

Week four, of Alastair’s Photo Fiction, and I am happy how things are going at the moment. I love the different stories that are turning up. If you decide that want to create a story, copy and paste this as a link on your post so that it links back here.

Word count is 150 words. Well, around 150 words. You won’t hung drawn and quartered if you go over that.

The photo that is used is one that I have taken myself. Please link to my other blog with a copyright message. My other blog can be found here. Please include the photo in each story.

Please state at the beginning of your post if your post contains sex or violence so that readers who are against those genres can know to avoid them.

When commenting on another person’s story, please be nice. Remember, we all like advice, but harsh criticism may offend some people.

Please link back to here with your post so that other readers can know where your stories are. All stories with have a link below the photo so that others can read them as well.

My story is after the photo as well as on my other blog.

Have fun

04 04 April 21st 2013

Past Imperfect

Krane brought the car for a song from an auction. A house was about to be demolished due to the previous owner dying and subsidence had pulled one of the walls down. Before razing the building, a car, previously missed and in perfect condition, was found in the garage. Documents cited Harold Weisz as the owner. At the auction, anyone who had attempted to bid suddenly had a coughing fit, stopping any competition. Being just in his twenties, Krane was jubilant at the ease of acquiring this beautiful vehicle.

Now, whilst out on a drive a flashing red light caught Krane’s eye. Keeping his eye on the road, he leant and tapped the light. A wave of dizziness overtook him and he shook his head. As his vision cleared, he grinned, looking in the mirror seeing not Krane, but the newly installed Harold Weisz ecstatic at gaining another life to live.

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  1. You’ve got some great stories out there already from your photo prompt Alastair! Mine, later today/your tomorrow! Have a pleasant night and hope your weekend was a good one! 🙂


  2. yes for sure–after scanning again–when the dizziness comes over him, I want him to cough (with reference to how this is very similar to the auction house attendees sudden fits) and then for him to look in the mirror and see this harold fellow. perhaps replace dizziness with coughing altogether. That could be the plot device–the superpower–that Harold has…


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